We offer limited spaces for children under 2 years old.

Within our early years environment we have a mixed age rather than dividing up in to age groups. We feel this is really beneficial for children as it  supports their Social, Emotional and Personal Development. Children begin to understand the needs of others, start recognising differences between each other and develop empathy. The older children love caring for the younger children, particularly when siblings are able to attend together.

Our quiet area is available for the under 2's to rest and be away from the older children if required.

Spaces are limited due to the ratio commitments and floor space requirements.

Due to being a pack away setting with limited storage space we may ask you to provide some extra resources for your young children. These items may be and not limited to :

*Baby Carriers

*Stroller pushchairs

Our hourly fee for under 2's is £5.70/hr.